Friday, 1 June 2012

Unburdening America: Is Your Debt Weighing You Down?

Strange as this may sound, being burdened with huge debts is very similar to being overweight! Too many pounds can make you sluggish, have a negative effect on your well-being, make you socially unacceptable, and hold you hostage to bad health. Being in debt slows down your opportunities, makes you worry, has a negative effect on your wealth, creates stress, and makes you a slave to a cycle of spending. Are you ready to banish your debts just like those extra pounds? It's time for a financial detox. And Global Credit Management is here to help!

When you examine the global economic crisis carefully, the culprit is debt. Too many people were lured into thinking they could afford mortgages they shouldn't have qualified for. Many unsuspecting consumers were led to believe that obtaining credit cards was the way to acquire anything they desired. Some of us fell for these schemes and, four years ago, the global economy collapsed under the weight of the debt.

If you are one of those left with unmanageable debt and you want to improve your credit rating, you need professional & confidential advice from the experts at Global Credit Management. Our specialists can show you how to improve your credit rating and give a total credit transformation. You deserve a debt facelift & a chance for a new beginning.

If you need a credit makeover, here are five tips for financial health:

1. Create a spreadsheet to keep track of your spending. If you know where your money is going, it will be easier to change bad spending habits.

2. Separate wants from needs. Do you really need that 55 inch flat screen television right now?

3. Pay your credit card on time. Late payments = high fees, penalties and low credit score.

4. Have a saving plan. Always pay yourself first! A minimum of 5% to 10% of your salary should be set aside to a saving, investment or emergency account.

5. Pay Off Debt. High debt and delinquent loans are the main obstacles to getting ahead financially. The less debt you have, the easier it will be for you to attain financial independence.

A good credit rating is essential for your financial health. Maxed out credit cards, late payments on mortgages, car loans, credit cards, etc., will result in a poor credit score. A low credit score, just like poor health, can deteriorate the quality of your life & steal your financial freedom. Stop this downward spiral and get on the road to recovery - take the first steps to a complete credit restoration!

We know that the subject of debt is not an easy one to discuss. But unless you decide to take action now, your debt could haunt you for years, leaving you feeling drained, miserable, helpless, and out of control. Some of our clients had hidden their situation from their spouse and family and felt they had nobody to turn to. They eventually turned to GCM and our team was able to help.
Our credit management services are unequaled. We understand that with the economy in recession, times are difficult and that you may be trying to cut costs. Therefore, to help you get back on the right track, we have included a 20% discount which can be applied toward all our credit repair services.

We want to help you succeed & we will provide you with tools accessible 24/7 via our state of the art technology platform portal to get you on the path to full debt recovery. By guiding you through our personalized process, you'll successfully improve your credit legally, manage your debt more effectively and regain control of your finances and your life.

Your new, financially healthy self will thank you!

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